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Finance Manager

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A Multinational Company Based In Dubai
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The Role Scope and General Purpose of Job: To work closely with senior Management to ensure the effective running of the Finance department, with particular emphasis on the timely issuance of invoices to customers and collection of all receivables. Responsible to: - Director of Finance - President of ACCL International (Financial Reporting/Receivables) Responsible for: - Accountants - All Kabul Finance Employees Main Duties - To coordinate the company’s financial operations through effective planning and leadership of all Finance Employees - Kabul. - To be full up to date on all client contracts payment terms, ensuring timely payments/collections are received. - To be fully responsible for the administration of collection procedures. - Ensure complete accounting records of the company are maintained, as required by law, - To implement local accounting procedures to ensure compliance with government regulations in close cooperation with Director of Finance. - To assist in the preparation of financial statements and reports of the company for the owners in close liaison with Director of Finance. - To assist the Director of Finance with the preparation and implementation of annual Audit in cooperation with company appointed external Auditors. - To ensure the preparation and implementation of all necessary controls in order to safeguard the assets of the company. - To ensure physical inventories of all supplies are being taken on a monthly basis and of all operating equipment on a quarterly basis in all countries from which we operate. - To assist the Director of Finance in the preparation of all budgets and forecasts in relation to present, future and prospective projects/bids. - To understand the companies tax obligations, using the assistance of locally appointed auditors and or tax experts for advice when necessary. - To liaise with both internal and external auditors in compliance with the Companys legal requirements. - To keep and safeguard all contracts, leases, insurance policies, licenses, and all legal and financial documents. Employee Handling - To ensure discipline and punctuality of the department at all times. - To implement appropriate training programmes in computing/accounting/finance in conjunction the Director of Finance. - To maximise productivity and morale by setting goals, providing clear guidelines and by developing team spirit within the department. - To manage employees of the department; including supervision, coaching and disciplinary action when appropriate. - To ensure that all employees have a complete understanding of the office rules and regulations and adhere to the company’s policies relating to Fire, Hygiene, Health and Safety. General - To respond positively to changes in departmental functions as dictated by the company as and when required. - To carry out any reasonable request of the senior management pertaining to your role as Finance Manager. - To respond to the changes as dictated by the industry. - To communicate effectively with all other departments. - To maintain a good working relationship with colleagues and all the other departments. Requirements Ideal Candidate will have minimum of Master Degree in Finance from an renowned University. They will be able to show a career history in Finance of at least 7 years post education and being able to handle multi national work force. Experience of finance software to ensure the smooth running of the department. Previous experience of working with companies implementing United States or NATO contracts in Afghanistan would be highly beneficial. About the company A multinational company based in Dubai.
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